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Sorry in less precise pronunciation with

First of all let us both praise and thanks giving
God SWT, where on this day we are all still given a variety of pleasures, which
We can not count at all, how much pleasure God gives us.
Shalawat and greetings may always remain poured to the Major Prophet
Mr / Mrs teacher whom I respect.
Fellow comrades who I'm proud of, in a good opportunity
This allows me to learn to make a speech by taking the theme:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Teacher ... ..
Education is a fairness for all of us
Physical, spiritual, formal or nonformal education, at school or outside

In this modern era we are required to keep pace the science
Knowledge, if we are careless little we will be left behind by friends
We keep pace with science.
Fellow soldiers glorified by God, we all have realized and realized the importance of education, since we sit in school from kindergarten, elementary school until now we will leave this MTsN school, a lot of science that we get both the general science As well as the science of religion, from the do not know we can know, from the do not understand we can understand. For that in this good opportunity please allow me to convey the gratitude of the presence of Allah SWT. And an infinite thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Guru where he is not bored to constantly remind us to study hard and learn diligently. With that encouragement Alhamdulillah now we reap the results.
By always begging forgiveness and His blessings may be what we aspire to
Allah SWT grant it. Amin ya Rabal Alamin.

May be that's all I can say on this good occasion
Apologize for all its misconceptions and shortcomings.
Wabillahitaufik Walhidayah

Good morning.....

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Exercise 1.
1.    Economic                                                      6. Economic
2.    Economist                                                     7. Economize
3.    Economist                                                     8. Economical
4.    Economize                                                    9. Economy
5.    Economic                                                      10. Economic

Exercise 2
            A                                                                                 B
1.    Scarcity                                              a. Insufficiency / shortage ( 1 )
2.    Goods                                                b. merchandise ( 2 )
3.    Degree of merit                                 c. Manufacture ( 5 )
4.    Economical                                       d. Quality (  )
5.    Production                                        e. Work done for somebody or something ( )
6.    Service                                               f. Infinite ( 7 )
7.    Unlimited                                           g. Option ( 8 )
8.    Choice                                               h. Thrifty ( 4 )
9.    Pervasive                                          i. All-encompassing

Exercise 3
            A                                                                                 B
1.    Wealth                                                           a. Abundance           ( 3 )
2.    To satisfy                                                       b. poverty                   ( 1 )
3.    Scarcity                                                          c. To dissatisfy          (  3 )
4.    To raise                                                          d. To lower                 ( 5 )
5.    To improve                                                    e. To make worse     ( 4 )
6.    To Spend                                                       f. To economize        ( 6 )
7.    Revenue                                                       g. Expenditure          ( 7 )

8.    Macro                                                             h. Micro                      ( 8 )

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            Hello friends, here I will plan a cafe business oline, because the cafe business oline much in demand of all people, both among children and adolescents, so I am very interested in setting up an oline cafe business dikampung me after I slesai this lecture. And here too I will share Tips in the cafe business oline, the first thing we notice is;
1. Warnet Location
The best and most potential locations to open a cafe business is close to the crowd or educational institutions such as schools, campuses, near malls, markets and so forth. But if you want to establish this business in the village, try to find a crowded location with high population density.
2. Target Visitors
The name of the cafe business must have targeted visitors and most who visited the cafe is those aged between 10-50 years and the most are teenagers, especially those who are still in school or college because a lot of tasks that must be done. In addition now children and teenagers prefer to play games online than offline. Therefore you try to get visitors in accordance with the location of your cafe.
3. Cafe Facilities
Facilities include many aspects which all lead to the interest of consumers to come to your cafe and online game. Good facilities with excellent service of course make visitors feel at home in your cafe. What you need to calculate before
Start this cafe business is the type of seating visitors, whether lesehan or use a chair. If using a chair try to seat quite comfortable for visitors, if lesehan then try to use the mat is quite soft and comfortable. Besides other facilities that are not less important such as tables, fans / ac, toilet and so forth.
4. Computer Specifications
For internet cafe that also supports online game of course require computer specification which is high enough have specification of duo core processor, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB VGA for client computer, while for server computer can use above specs, for monitor screen can use screen with Size 22 inches. Not to forget also equipped with speakers, mouse gaming and keyboard that is easy to operate.
5. Internet Speed
In addition to the specification, another thing that is not less important is the speed of the Internet network, if you open a cafe business that accompanied the online game, then the need for fast internet konseksi. For example for example you open a cafe business with 11 computers which 1 as a server and 10 as a client, with the assumption that at least in need of internet speed of at least 2 Mbps. You can decide for yourself depending on the number of computers and internet needs.
6. Supporting Side Business
Usually people spend long hours playing online games and surfing the internet. Thus you can also open a side business beside your cafe like selling instant noodles, coffee, cigarettes, snacks and so forth. In addition you can also add business to your cafe like copying, laminating, photo printing, banner printing, photo flash, video shooting which is in accordance with your expertise in the field.
Starting a cafe business is not an easy thing, need to think carefully first. Capital needed to start a cafe business is not small, therefore you must focus and work hard to advance your cafe. If you already have an internet cafe and want your cafe crowded read How To Make Cafe Business Crowded, Not Lonely And Profitable
So much that we can share on this occasion, hopefully tips to start a business cafe and online games can be a useful inspiration for you, do not ever give up seeking sustenance that is lawful, good luck and fruitful success yes. Thank you for visiting and reading Tips Starting Business Cafe and
Business opportunity to open internet cafe online with wifi network. With the increasing development of internet technology, people who are in rural areas also now can enjoy internet access with ease. Can use modem or telecom network speedy. Community needs for internet access today is increasingly widespread and increasing every year. I think this can be a business opportunity if we want a little creative look at the business gap in the field of this internet network.
Telkom speedy provides various packages for people who want to use internet facility through telkom network. If used for business, the monthly fee of this speedy package is actually quite light, with unlimited features 24 hours per day.

Internet cafe used to be a favorite choice as a place to rent internet that can be paid per hour. Users also vary, ranging from school students to other general public. But as the advancement of the cafe is now no longer vibrant in previous years. With more and more users of smarthphone and modem, some people prefer to use the modem as internetan tool that can be directly installed in PC or Laptop, or also through smarthphone that can be used as a modem.
But until now Telkom Speedy still has its own advantages, namely faster access because directly using the cable network, as well as the availability of several package options as needed. With this speedy we can create an online cafe, which means online cafe here that we sign up to install speedy at home, then take advantage of wifi speedy network and can be rented to the community around the house that needs access to the internet network.
Example, for example we plug the speedy package that is 1 mega, monthly payments around 450 thousand. If we take the maximum there are 9 people who come to ride the package to us via the wifi network, and per person paying 75,000, means the total we can per month of 675,000. For speedy payment per month to Telkomsel for 450.000, means we still have a profit of 225.000 / month plus as the main admin we can surf for free of course.
In this way there are two benefits that we can get. First we can help people who need a connection to the internet through the wifi network that we provide. Because there are still many people who actually need but have not been able to pay monthly if the price is quite expensive. The second benefit is our advantage as the main owner, in addition to using internetan as well, certainly do not need to pay monthly because it was paid by those who ride to us via wifi.
Regarding the payment we apply the same way to customers that only need to pay 75,000 every month with unlimited wifi package every day. Although the results are not great, we can help save monthly internet costs, and also help to help others in need.

To strengthen the signal wifinya own network so that access can be covered more widely with a considerable distance, can use a special hardware that can be purchased at the electronics store, the wifi booster antenna or transmitter wifi signal amplifier, for example as shown in the picture above. The antenna can we install above the house or in a place with a higher reach.

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  1.    Can you explain the difference between wants and needs? Is it possible to satisfy all the desires ? why ?

Answer = Need is something that is needed by human being so that can reach prosperity, so if any of those need that is not fulfilled then human will feel not prosperous or less prosperous. It can be said that need is something that must exist, because without it our life becomes not prosperous or at least less prosperous.
While the desire is something extra on the needs that are expected to be fulfilled so that people feel more satisfied. But if the desire is not met then the real welfare is not reduced.
That is if we see in terms of satisfaction or the welfare of a person. But whose name is wellbeing and satisfaction is also very relative for everyone. While I myself think that to distinguish between needs and desires, must be seen in terms of its function. Something is said to be a desire when it is in addition to its main function.
A simple example, eating is an inevitable need. Not just humans, every living thing needs a name to eat. Eating will provide manpower and health for humans, then eating nutritious foods is the need of all of us.
Food has a primary function as a source of energy for the body. While giving a good taste is an additional function of food. So good food is a desire, not a necessity. But that does not mean should not eat good food. It's just that we need to consider first whether the expenditure for good food will sacrifice other needs or not.
Another example. Dressing is our need to be protected from the weather. Clothing also serves to maintain the aurat that we must guard. For some people it may be necessary to dress with a certain type for its propriety, such as wearing a tie or coat. But is it necessary to wear branded and expensive clothing? I think branded and expensive clothes are no longer necessities, but desire alone.
Home also needs, where we live and shelter. In order for the house to function properly, the home is also supported by various household appliances such as television, refrigerator, and other furniture. Each tool and furniture has its own function. As long as it is used according to its function, it is a necessity. But if it is used to "show off", just point to the neighbors that we can afford to buy like them. I do not think it's a need anymore, it's just a wish. And this desire should not be obeyed.
Standards of needs and wants for each person can be different. Of course very dependent of environmental conditions, daily activities, job demands / professions and so forth.
For some people, a car is a necessity. To be able to support its many activities outside the home and often traveling, then the car is a means of transportation that becomes a necessity. If the car's function is for transportation, bring where we are going.
But often we have a desire to add various kinds of car accessories, not for added comfort or driving safety, but just beautify appearance only. I do not think it's a necessity, it's just a wish. And this desire can be postponed if all other needs are met well.
Moreover, has several types of cars, but we can only use one only. I think that's a clear desire, not necessity at all.
If we are able to distinguish which one needs and which one wants then we can determine priorities, which ones should take precedence and which ones can be postponed.
Nothing wrong indeed we meet our desire to eat at restaurants to celebrate something, or install car accessories to be more secure and comfortable. But remember, do not let it sacrifice our other more important needs.
Although you may now feel able to meet all your desires, but we still have to be wise, do not forget the need in the future. We must prepare our retirement funds in order to enjoy the old days in peace, we also have to prepare educational funding for our children, and that's all the future needs that must be prepared from now on.
The thing to remember is, do not fulfill the desire by ignoring the need. And do not forget that the need not necessarily all come now, because there is still a need to be fulfilled in the future. While the name of human desire will never have limit, later or now.
So, why fulfill your wishes now but sacrifice your needs and family in the future.
yes because desire is something we want tobe but are not met. Only to the extent satisy but do not have, satisty because desires is something that want, but no fulfilled
22.   Do you know what scarcity is? Do you agree that scarcity is typical for all nations ?
Answer = yes, because of the scaraty of it is a problem that exists in every country suppose that in the country of indonesia,  Where scarcity often we say karna impact or the consequences of the scarcity makes us difficult to use and use it as we like, to the extent to make us to save from the impact of the need for efforts that we must do in overcoming the impact of scarcity.
I agree because the scarcity must exist in the faithful state, both kelangkaandari economic, cultural aspects to the needs of day. Scarcity is already present in every country since the second world war until now, so the scarcity is already a hallmark of state loyalty and can not be eliminated just like that.
33. What is a luxury and what is a necessity ?
Answer = Luxury comes from the word: luxury
Which means: all-round; All beautiful; All-excessive (usually good stuff and way of life)

Luxury can be interpreted as an excessive lifestyle.
I do not criticize wealth, does not getting rich is a necessity? Indeed not all things can be bought with wealth, but certainly the wealth can very buy 'convenience', life will be much easier and fun.
Wealth becomes toxic then when it turns into a luxury. Buying things that really do not need just to satisfy the ego (I can buy anything), greed, prestige.  Need is everything that man needs to survive and to gain prosperity and comfort.
In the sense of need, has a broad meaning with the various needs and examples of each. That's us, man. Humans struggle to make a living to meet their needs, the needs can be food such as rice, and side dishes, can also be clothing such as clothes, trousers and socks, and also in the form of services such as cinemas, buses and assistance doctors and legal aid such as lawyers . Then what is the need? .. What is the Definition of Needs? .. Needs according to some experts say that Understanding Needs is anything that appears instinctively and is needed by humans to maintain his life. The diversity of goods and services that people need to prove that human needs vary as well.

What will happen if the human needs are met? With our ability to meet the needs of human survival continues, and with the fulfillment of all that human needs, will make the survival of a prosperous human life. From the description above can be caused that the need reflects the feeling of lack in human beings who want to be satisfied. People need something because without that something he feels he has a shortage. The hungry want to eat. The thirsty want to drink and the sick want to heal and the fool wants to be smart. Needs reflect a feeling of deprivation that wants to be fulfilled in man.

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The orchid is one of the most popular ornamental plants in Indonesia. Many people use their spare time to plant orchids knowing orchid plants from tribe-anggrekan can add beauty to the front side of the house. The orchids can be grown in pots or taped.
The orchids can grow well in countries like Indonesia because orchids can live in the humid tropics to wilayak circumpolar. Because of this, there is nothing to worry for the maintenance of ornamental orchids in her yard. If you are also interested in planting ornamental plants, here's how to grow and care for orchids in pots or taped.
Orchid is a plant that can represent or representing one's feelings towards their partner. That's why many stores that sell plants orchid cut flowers. Many enthusiasts to orchid flowers turned out to make the most people interested in cultivating orchids around her house.
In the explanation of how to grow orchids, there are some matters that you need to know first. The orchids can be grown in pots and can also be planted in a manner affixed to a board or tree trunk. We will discuss one by one.
Orchids includes plants that is ideal for planting in pots. Before you begin planting, you need to know a few things. The pots were going to be used for growing orchids made of plastic pots or potoh. It is advisable to use clay pots that have small holes about 2 cm in diameter. The presence of these holes will help air circulation and facilitate the aeration and drainage.
In addition, using a pot made of clay also allows water to seep into the pot material in case of excess spray water. In this way, the orchid you're planting and care to avoid root rot. Another plus, with clay pots, in a humid environment, planting the roots of orchids will always be maintained.
After getting pot to grow orchids, next is to choose a suitable growing medium for orchids. Briefly, a suitable growing medium for orchid flowers can be a mixture of several growing media such as broken bricks or tiles, fern trunks, shavings or pieces of wood, coconut husks, and wood charcoal.
If you are confused, it is advisable to fill the pot with planting medium coconut husk, pieces of fern, wood charcoal, and broken bricks. After the pot filled with planting medium, the next set of orchid seedlings that you obtain from a farm shop in packs of bottled measuring 1 cm. Planting seeds directly in pots of orchids that already contains planting medium.
Epiphytic orchids could obtain a more attractive appearance with the impression of a natural manner affixed to plant a tree trunk. Such planting is the original habitat of epiphytic orchids. To plant a tree trunk anggrep, you should select a fairly shady trees that keep the light intensity obtained in moderation and not too excessive.
Epiphytic orchids can be grown on a tree that is alive or dead. Actually, on a slab of concrete can also be, as long as the point of attachment of orchid qualify humidity so that growth is going well.
When using dead trees, then choose a waterproof and heat of the sun so that the stems are not easily decay.
When selecting a live tree, find the tree trunk is thick-skinned that are not easily peel off. Better yet for using a tree with a trunk rather rough surface to be attached to the roots a good place. Some trees that have the criteria on the shaft are guava, mango, tamarind, jackfruit
Before affixed, tree trunks must be affixed to the media that could bind the water such as coconut husk, pieces of fern, or fibers. For orchids to be affixed can be derived from young plants (or adult), saplings or seedlings compote. If you want to plant a mature plant, then lift the plant in conjunction with cropping media.
If using young plants and seedlings of compote, before taped, cut part of the roots then wash water use. Next, seedling or young plant roots dipped in a fungicide solution for one or two minutes. Then dip again into a solution of growth regulators with the same time.
Immersion can also be done for the plant with additional planting medium. After the dyeing step is complete, then paste orchids on tree crops selected. Strive for height is not melewatib adan so that treatment is not troublesome.

Good planting orchids in pots or affixed to the walls, there are treatments that plants need in order to grow properly and optimally.
As other plants, orchids also need to be watered so do not die because of a lack of water. Water used for the watering can of tap water, well water, or rainwater. Not recommended to use water that has been mixed with chemicals and water times as likely to contain substances that can interfere with the growth of living orchids.
orchid in accordance with the current weather. As climate in the neighborhood is a little high, then the orchid plants can be watered at least twice a day. When the rainy season, when you place the orchid outdoors, move to the inside in order not terpericik rainwater until very moist growing medium and root decay trigger.

2.         GIVE SUNLIGHT
Orchid plants need sunlight to support its growth. You can put the orchids in the area that is not exposed to direct mathaari. By regulating how scorching sun in plants, the orchids are not
will encounter problems either in growth or result in giving an attractive appearance.
3.         LIGHT ROOM
To maintain the beauty of orchids, some people choose to do repotting or move the pot into glass pots or plastic pots with a larger diameter and a clean pot. Typically, they also move the pots into the house. The problem, orchids still requires the input of sunlight. Therefore, to mitigate them, buy orchid room lights that remain exposed to light.
Orchids, including tropical plants that can survive in an environment that is sufficiently moist. The moisture level of these plants should be maintained in order to grow well. Do not let the plants die just because you forgot to do the watering or provide lighting in the plant.
4.         GIVE MANURE
Fertilizer will keep the plants healthy and growing optimally. Orchid fertilizer should not be arbitrary, quantities and types of fertilizer given must be in accordance with the conditions of the plant. For this problem, it is better to ask directly to those who are experts or to the farm shop where you purchased the orchid fertilizer and seeds.

How to plant and care for an orchid flower gardening activities that can reduce the burden of thought. If you still find it difficult to cultivate orchids properly, recommend you to do planting flowers tuberose which are also classified into plants to beautify some parts of your home.

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Epensius (Interviewer):
Good morning Mr. Ujen, if I may ask for a short time to interview Mr.?
Mr. Ujen the company PT SBK CNN Source:
Good morning, Brother Where ya?
I'm from the Student Economic Sciences Untan education, want to interview regarding the Company Mr. father lead?
Interviewees :
Oh, then let's just begin the interview!
If I may, can you tell little about the Company's father Leads?
Interviewees: :
In the company that I now have a very nice Leads Internal inside and outside the from the inside, although a lot of problems within the company but we as leader Companies must be able to take appropriate action for all people, and we should be able to carry out the task -tugas well, a superior and subordinates should be good so that no mistakes in work.
How long has Mr Leading this company?
I Leading company is already four years more.
Mr. What  motivates could last for  years in the company of this?
Interviewees :
For me every job should be grateful for what they are, still lucky we were given the opportunity in fulfilling their tasks, sometimes feels tired but we have to remain for now looking for a job is not easy to take months - months, so I like to survive here.
Do you not feel bored?

Interviewees :
Certainly in his work sometimes tedious but we remain patient and continue to endure, so that we can be a person always had a commitment in life, because most people often move - move ,, because the person does not appreciate his work.
What is your opinion against s Company frequent defaults?
Interviewees :
Perhaps less well within the company's management, or corporate leaders of corruption and so on, if company leaders do not give a bad example to affect the company, so in the company, there is control, control, openness  superiors and subordinates then Action happen that way.
According to Mr Principles What should we use as the leader Company ?
Interviewees :
Principle I'm using now, become a leader must be able to give a good example to his men, and let all - time you take other people's rights to life, because if we corruption take the rights of others, be open between superiors and subordinates.
So what should be done by the government to advance the business world?
Interviewees :
The government must unite Businesses - Small business so that the business can grow, the government should also support the activities of the company in order to add income countries, governments also must be able to Permit the Company, so that the company can operate the company well.
I think it is quite up to here Mr. Ujeng, maybe if there was said - I said politely walkin good or not, I apologize for - the magnitude, Thank you Mr. already taking the time for me.

Speaker: Thank you back, hopefully you quickly  college and got a good,  do not forget to pray for all of us always goes well okay

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How to Give a Speech
It's time to overcome what people fear more than death is speaking in public. This article will help you through this stressful event. See Step 1:

Part One of Three:
prepare Speech

1. Select the topics short speech, before we brief speech before the speech content to be easily understood, clearly. Your speech should be summarized in a sentence. This is the speech you really boils down to: what would you start with and what would you conclude. It's simple and people can understand it. And it will be easier for you, too!

2. Know your audience. This will determine your overall speech. You will not deliver the same speech to a four-year-olds as you did for the CEO! So know your audience. Here are some things to consider.

3. Do not think negative thoughts. Ask yourself, what's the worst that could happen? People will think you look odd because they did not give a speech in accordance with the "expectation" of them. No more than that. Think what you will get, overcoming the fear of public speaking.
• Who are they? Age?
• How much do they know about your topic? This will determine the amount of complicated language you can use (hint: if they do not know much, do not need to use it).
• Why do they exist? Taught something? Because they have to? Because they really interested?
• How long have they been there?

4. Research your subject. If your subject is you, congratulations! You probably already know you like the back of your hand (or arm or leg). But if not, will be examined. Pros and cons! If people can poke holes in your argument, it's not a very effective speech.
• Have at least three points to support the message

Only complicate the audience as much as you can tolerate. Stay away from jargon and technical terms if it will leave your audience scratching their heads and feel out of place

5. Use stories, humor and metaphor. Dull speeches, statistics can make the audience bored. Instead, choose a story - it is easier to follow structure-- and make them live with things like metaphor and antithesis.
• Self-deprecating humor (making fun of myself) have a place. Again, this comes down to knowing your audience and your speech format. A man best speech? Absolutely right. Overcoming the president of your company about the location of the budget? Probably not.
• antithesis is about using the reverse

6. Use flashy adjectives, verbs and adverbs. More about being alive! Taking the phrase "bad fishing industry" and turn it into a "horrific practice fishing industry." Even something as simple as "We can solve the problem," to "We can quickly solve the problem" is more memorable. your audience may not remember exactly what you said, but they will remember your emotions invoked in themselves.
• Think active, too. "When we had the manpower, we can force change," is much more powerful when it turned around - "We can force change when we have a workforce" Make them sit in their seats, you know?

7. So no hemming and "hawwing", no apology, no "I want to know ...," no "Thank you," only to brass tacks. Do not talk about painting - get right in there and start creating images for them. They are there for your speech, not how you feel about it or how you are feeling right now.

8. You must have a clear introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should be short and to the point, the conclusion becomes a repetition of the intro. And the body? Well, that's everything else.

Part Two of Three:
practicing Speech
1. Write down your main points. Now you have all you want to say, write down your main points. Part of what you're unsure of yourself on?
• Get to the point where you feel comfortable giving a speech.

2. Memorize. Okay, so this is not super necessary, but certainly a good idea. If you know by heart, you can make eye contact with the audience. Do not stress if you do not have enough time - but if you do, take advantage of it.
• This does not mean that you should go there unarmed. If your mind is empty, you can look around and go to a place where you need to. Send it to someone. It is a good idea for several reasons:
• Communicating with someone to help you get used to someone looking at you while you're talking. public speaking can be quite intimidating, so it had an audience of practice will help calm your nerves.
• Do they really pay attention. At the end of your speech, ask them what questions arise in their minds. Is there a hole in your argument? Or do something to confuse them?

3. Practice in front of a mirror and in the bathroom. Really, you have to practice wherever you can. But these two areas would be useful:
• Practice in front of a mirror so you can see your body language. what work where movement? How do you feel about the break and what you do for them?
• Practice in the bathroom because it was probably the one that can think beyond that. Is your mind a blank on each section?

4. At that time you might have some idea of ​​how long your speech. You are given a specific time slot or you are given a length requirements for speech. Try to ge

hird Part Three:Delivering Speech
1Think about your posture and body language. Stand like you have a fig leaf over your crotch is not the way to give a captivating speech. Nor should you go the opposite way and leaning on the podium. It's best to stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, and use your hand as naturally as possible.
• your speech convey some emotion, right? (The correct answer: Yes.) Take a moment and move with them. You use your hands at all times to express emotion. You still communicate with people, only on a larger scale. Although the scale is different, the motion remains the same.

2. if you can use props.
3Know when and how to use the picture. A PowerPoint can be a great addition to speech (for certain topics, at least). Make sure you use it to your advantage! You want them to listen to you, not blown away by the pretty pictures.
• Use graphs to illustrate your point, especially if they are difficult to understand. The images can be more memorable than factoid just told, regardless of how important it may be.
• Do not face the picture when you're talking!
4Select the people in your audience, do not scan. Many people are under the impression scanning is ideal audience - and if it makes you nervous, just sort of scanning the back wall.
5Vary your tone. In general, you should speak with a calm, level to understand and speak clearly. But to keep your audience awake and to keep your speech is dynamic, diverse it. Part you feel passionate about the need to clearly stressed! Talking loudly and with gusto! Pound your fist if you need And then there are parts that would feel more like a lullaby. And even the parts that require a pause to let the emotions set in ... AND THEN BACK UP ramped. This is much more effective orally than on text.
• Show emotions in your tone. Do not be afraid to laugh a little or show a bit of sadness or frustration.

6Do not forget about the break! Think about the phrase, "dihydrogen monoxide killed 50 million people last year. 50 million. Let that sink in." Now think about the sentence with a pause after each period. Got a little more serious, is not it?
• Take your speech and actually write on pause if it will help you.

Conclude by restating your message and say "Thank you." You've been through speeches, no one has died, and it is time for your conclusions. Focus your eyes with the audience, thanking them, smile, and get off the stage.
• Take a deep breath. You do it. The next time you will give a speech about how to give a speech. What are you so nervous in the first place?